A downloadable game for Windows

I came up with this idea while thinking about something for the theme "Magic".

Unfortunately I was only able to work on this project for 24/30 hours due to study and work, but I was able to do the base of my biggest idea (which I will maybe completely realize later).

With my version of GM Studio 2 I wasn't able to export the executable file (for some reasons the button was disabled, no way to export) so I only linked project files. Hope it is enough.

About the project: You are a magic stick which is tired of being exploited by wizards, so it decides to escape. The target is to clear every randomly generated level and reach the highest you can,

Have fun guys!

Install instructions

Unfortunately my GM Studio 2 version was not able to export the executable.

So if you want to play the game you have to open it with GM Studio 2 and run it. Sorry for the issue.


StickEscape-Windows.rar 115 kB

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